Product Liability

We all depend on the safety of various products that we use: our cars, our medications, our children’s toys, food, construction materials, etc. When defective products cause injuries, the injured people (or, in the case of children, their legal guardians) may seek compensation from the manufactures of the defective products. The various merchants that played a part in bringing the defective product to the consumer may also be held liable, or in other words legally responsible, for the harm caused by that product.

Products may be defective in several different ways: they may have a manufacturing defect that renders them dangerous when used as intended; they may be defectively designed, so that they are unreasonably dangerous to consumers even when the manufacturing is flawless; or they may be accompanied by insufficient warnings that fail to put consumers on guard against potential risks.

If you or someone you love was injured by a defective product, you should discuss your situation with a California personal injury attorney with experience in handling products liability cases. At Ziff & Cohn, we offer a free consultation to people who were injured or who lost a loved one through the use of a defective product: contact us today for a thorough and honest evaluation of your case. Don’t delay–you may have a valid claim, but your right to pursue compensation may expire if the statute of limitations runs out.

Products liability cases require extensive investigation in order to prove that a product was defective and was in fact the cause of the injuries. Various questions arise that can impact the amount of compensation recovered or the chance of getting any compensation at all: at what point did the product become defective? In what way was the product defective? Was it being used, at the time of the accident, in a reasonable way, or in a way that the manufacturer should have foreseen? Were the injuries caused by the defective product, or were they already present when the accident occurred? Simply put, products liability cases are not simple.

However, when injury victims can show that a defective product caused their injuries, they may seek compensation for their medical bills, both past and future, their lost wages, their pain and suffering, and more. People who suffer catastrophic injuries may also seek compensation for their lost or reduced ability to earn a living; any required long-term treatments, care, or rehabilitation costs; loss of enjoyment in various aspects of their lives; and more.

Products liability claims are often brought in conjunction with other claims related to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, or other similar accidents that involve negligence, as well.

Based in Los Altos, California, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Ziff & Cohn offer a free consultation to people who were injured or who lost a loved one through the use of a defective product. We put our resources, skills, and experience to work on our clients’ behalf, to ensure that they receive full compensation for the harm they suffered. And we work on a contingent fee basis–which means that we don’t get paid unless our clients receive monetary recovery.

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