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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are often stereotyped as “daredevils”; however, in many cases, motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers who are distracted or drunk, fail to check their mirrors, drive too fast, or simply maneuver their vehicle carelessly, endangering all those who share the road with them.

If you were the victim of a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, and you were injured as a result, you may be able to get financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, related property damage, such as the damage to your motorcycle, and more. Even if you were partly at fault, you may be able to receive compensation for the share of the fault that belongs to the other party involved in the accident. To discuss your case in detail, please contact the attorneys at Ziff & Cohn for a free consultation. Based in Los Altos, California, we offer decades of cumulative experience in successfully representing victims in personal injury cases, including motorcycle accidents.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents sometimes cause catastrophic injuries, such as the loss of a limb, brain injuries, or spinal cord injuries. In such cases, the injured victims may also pursue compensation for future pain and suffering, as well as the related loss of enjoyment of life. Severe injuries may also leave a person unable to earn a living, or dependent on others for ongoing care; the injured person may seek compensation for those long-term costs as well.

Some motorcycle accidents are caused by a defective part or other types of defective products. A person who is injured by a defective product can pursue a products liability claim: in such cases, the manufacturers or merchants involved in the supply chain would be held responsible for the harm caused by the dangerous product.

If you or someone you love was injured in a motorcycle accident, you should discuss your case as promptly as possible with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Based in Los Altos, California, the attorneys and staff of Ziff & Cohn are ready to put their resources, skills, and experience to work on your behalf, pursuing the maximum compensation available.

We understand that a motorcycle accident is a traumatic event, and that you will need help in the aftermath. Please contact us today to discuss the various ways in which we can help.

We represent our clients on a contingent fee basis—which means that we get paid only if our clients receive a monetary recovery. Our office is conveniently located on El Camino Real in Los Altos, California.

Please contact us today by calling our Los Altos office at (650) 329-0851, emailing Harvey L. Ziff, or filling out and submitting our “Contact Us” form.

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