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If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, you may be wondering what to do next. You probably have a lot of questions, and it may not be clear who was at fault. Each collision is different, and you should contact a knowledgeable Mountain View car accident lawyer who can explain the full scope of your rights and options. The attorneys at Ziff & Cohn have handled many of these claims for Bay Area residents, and we know how to make insurance companies honor their obligations under their policies. We also know that car accident victims are facing substantial burdens as they adjust to life in the aftermath of a devastating accident, and we provide sensitive, personalized attention.

Police reports from 2018 have revealed that the most dangerous intersection in Mountain View is where El Camino Real intersects with Grant Road and Highway 237. This was the scene of 18 crashes. Nearly as many crashes (15) occurred at the junction of Highway 237 and West Middlefield Road. Other dangerous intersections in Mountain View include the intersections of Shoreline Boulevard and West Middlefield Road, Central Expressway and Rengstorff Avenue, and El Camino Real and Sylvan Avenue. Crashes at these intersections were in single digits, though.

Establishing Liability for Damages in a Car Accident Case

The person who is at fault for a car accident (or usually their insurer) should be responsible for paying for the damages that result. Sometimes more than one person was responsible, and California uses a “pure comparative fault” system. That means that the fault for an accident may be divided, and a victim’s award will be discounted by their level of fault, if any. For example, perhaps someone changed lanes on a street like El Camino Real or Grant Road without signaling, but the car with which they collided was driving above the 35 mph speed limit. The person who changed lanes may be found to be 80% at fault, and the person who was speeding may be 20% at fault. (The distribution of fault in any case is fact-specific, and this is just an example.)

If the driver who was speeding sustained $100,000 worth of damages from the accident, it would be discounted by the 20% that they were at fault. Thus, the total amount that they would recover would be $80,000. While specific amounts of fault are a question for the jury, an experienced car accident attorney in Mountain View can give you an idea of the damages that you will be entitled to receive and fight aggressively for that position during negotiations with insurance companies or at trial if needed.

Potential Types of Damages

There are several different categories of damages that accident victims can recover. One category is past and future medical bills. Other categories include pain and suffering and lost income. For example, catastrophic injuries in a high-speed crash on a freeway like the 101, the 85, or the 237 may include burns, fractured limbs, tinnitus, and other conditions that involve severe pain. You also may be entitled to any wages or income that you lose due to the accident, such as the time during which you are in the hospital, attending medical appointments, or recovering from your injuries. Accident victims can also recover damages for certain at-home care or other services that they now need as a result of the accident. In addition, the spouse of an accident victim may be able to get damages for loss of consortium. Loss of consortium refers to the loss of care and companionship due to the injury or death of a close family member.

Statutes of Limitations

A statute of limitations is the amount of time that a victim and their Mountain View car accident attorney have to file a claim with the court. Once the time period has passed, generally your claim will be time-barred. In California, accident victims generally have two years to file a personal injury claim. The deadline is shorter when a government entity is involved. If the claim is just for property damage, California law gives people three years to file their claim. It is important that you contact a qualified car accident attorney as soon as possible. They can help you strategize the preparation of your claim and make sure that your case is as strong as possible.

Discuss Your Car Crash Case With an Attorney in Mountain View

If you are injured in a car accident, you should seek legal counsel as soon as you have received the emergency treatment that you require. At Ziff & Cohn, we will fight for your rights at every step of the process and make sure that you have a strong financial foundation to recover from your injuries. Call (650) 329-0851 or use the contact form on this website to set up a free appointment to discuss your potential claim with a car accident lawyer in Mountain View. We also handle cases arising from bicycle accidents and other motor vehicle collisions.

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